What is The Aurox Ecosystem

Aurox was created by traders for traders to make investing in crypto simple.


During the 2016-2017 bull market the founders of Aurox, Giorgi Khazaradze, Taras Motsnyy and Ziga Naglic, began investing into cryptocurrencies to diversify their revenue from their other companies.

They spotted a significant problem with crypto trading: multi-exchange environment, fragmented data, and lack of tools for traders. Being serial entrepreneurs they set out to create an all-in-one trading terminal to fix not only issues they had experienced but to help others make smarter and educated trading decisions.

The Aurox Terminal was born.

Aurox is an all-in-one trading terminal with data from 50+ exchanges, 100s of thousands of pairs, proprietary indicators, customizable workspaces and guides to help traders make smart, educated and profitable trades. Over the past few years, the platform has grown via word of mouth from just a few hundred beta users to thousands utilizing it on a daily basis.

The original goal of Aurox Terminal was to help simplify trading, specifically centralized exchange trading, but the goal of the company is rooted in decentralization. It's obvious that custodial services dominate the cryptocurrency field because the user experience can be much simpler. Custodial services do not have to solve complex problems related to the blockchain. Yet, custodial services, such as exchanges, are the anti-thesis of crypto.

Therefore, the Aurox Terminal is a gateway to attract users from all over the world and every single exchange by providing them with the necessary tools to be a great trader. But the future of the Aurox Terminal is to shift the users to the disruptive technology that is DeFi.

Aurox is now on a journey to change the financial world by leveraging all the positives of DeFi and combining it with centralized user experience and a battle tested platform. The core goal of Aurox is to create a simple way for users to control their funds, execute trades across multiple exchanges and eliminate the complexities of DeFi applying CeFi user experience.

While Aurox will always support centralized services, our goal is to transition our users from centralized finance to decentralized finance. Just as Satoshi intended.

To achieve these goals, the Aurox utility token was born. It powers the entire ecosystem of Aurox to give users access to specific functions within the Terminal and Wallet, eliminate fees for holders, and reward the usage of the Aurox Ecosystem.

Aurox was named after a pre-historic species of bull, Aurochs. The biggest bull to ever live on Earth.

Changing Crypto Forever

Crypto is still in its infancy. Majority of the underlying technology is only being utilized by those with significant tech experience or ones who are willing to dedicate hours to research. The pioneers of emerging technologies work in a hectic environment with zero stability. They innovate and struggle to set the ground for what's to come next.

That's where the blockchain is now. It's hectic. It's a mess. But it has more potential than anything that came before it and Aurox will be at the forefront of the mass adoption.

Just as Aurox changed trading for the better, Aurox will leverage the strength of our developers, the core of the terminal, and our community to cross the chasm and create mass adoption of decentralized finance.

In 2022, Aurox set out to simplify all the core aspects of DeFi to on-board millions of people worldwide to the underlying and exciting technology of blockchain. The Aurox Protocol will be the center piece of this revolution, and it will power The Aurox Terminal and the Aurox Wallet.

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