Contract Migration

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Aurox Token v2

The goal of the contract migration was to implement future functionalities of the token within the Aurox Ecosystem.

The new contract was also deployed on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to give users the ability to utilize the token on either chains.

1 million of the Aurox Token v2 was deployed on Ethereum and 1 million on Binance Smart Chain, for a total of 2 million tokens.

However, 1 million tokens were deposited on AnySwap to allow bridging of tokens from one chain to another. As such, maximum of 1 million tokens can circulate in the world with the rest of the 1 million being permanently locked inside AnySwap bridge contract.

v1 holders:

Aurox Exchange holders and stakers were migrated from the v1 contract automatically. The Aurox Team used their own funds to pay the network fees to airdrop the new v2 token to all v1 token holders and recreated the staking contracts for all v1 stakers.

Liquidity providers of v1 token had to claim all outstanding rewards and then execute a contract to lock their liquidity tokens into a migration contract. The migration contract withdrew all liquidity from the v1 liquidity pool, and then redeposited the ETH in the migration contract with the equal amount of v2 token to create the v2 liquidity pool on Uniswap.

To compensate for gas fees associated with migrating the liquidity, ETH was airdropped to all affected users by the Aurox team.

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