The Aurox Terminal supports many different types of technical indicators such as moving averages, support and resistance levels, and trend lines. Several indicators can be applied to a single chart and combined in any desired combination.

Aurox Indicators

  • Aurox Indicator: The original Aurox indicator displays potential entries in the market by drawing green (long) and red (short) arrows. This indicator was mainly created for the 1-day interval but can be successfully used for other intervals as well.

  • Aurox A.I. Indicator: This indicator is an extension of the original Aurox Indicator. However, unlike the original, this indicator was optimized via an AI engine to manage risk rather than successful entries. Because of this optimization, the Aurox AI indicator has built in risk management to help protect you from wrong entries. Each indicator is trained on a specific interval and specific token, and therefore, the "algorithm" changes on every interval and every token.

The Aurox Indicators should not be your only source of information when making trades. They are great at helping you spot opportunities in the market but they should be used responsibly. Do not blindly follow every trigger. No indicator or person in the world can be 100% accurate. Please make sure to read the indicator guides section when using these indicators.

  • Fear and Greed: A sentiment indicator that numerically summarizes the prevailing mood on the market, useful for trading on longer time horizons.

  • Aurox Lines: An indicator which automatically draws support, resistance and trend lines. Support and Resistance lines are one of, if not, the most important methods of trading. However, they can be difficult for new users to recognize. The Aurox Lines indicator automatically draws the lines for you on any chart.

  • Directional Movement Index (DMI): A technical indicator designed to help identify the direction of price movement and the strength of that movement, it consists of two lines, known as the +DMI and -DMI. The Directional Movement Index can be used to identify trend reversals, trend continuation, and potential entry and exit points in a market.

  • Demand Index: A technical indicator used to assess buying and selling pressure based on price and volume data. It can provide accurate information about overall market trends, which can then guide investment decisions.

  • TD Sequential: A trading tool used to help identify potential price movements in the market. This indicator works by analyzing the current trend and looking for potential signals that signal whether the trend is likely to continue or reverse. The indicator generates support and resistance levels for different phases of the trend.

  • Pi-Cycle Top: A powerful tool for predicting market cycles with an accuracy of up to three days, the indicator uses several moving averages.

On-chain indicators

Based on blockchain data, these indicators quantify information about miner flows, exchange flows, and net unrealized profit or loss for a specific asset.

Each indicator has a dedicated tutorial video that explains the essence of the indicator and how to use it in various market situations.

In addition to basic indicators, premium Aurox indicators are available exclusively to holders of URUS tokens.

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