Security and Audit

Security is our paramount concern, and it is one that we drilled down on to ensure the safety of our products could be touted. The Aurox contracts were audited by Bramah Systems and HashCloak. Both audits were passed successfully and both audits found extensive unit tests done by our team to help prevent any potential security issues.

As a commitment towards the safety of our users and partners, we will always be transparent about the changes and the status of the security audits of our contracts.

The Aurox development team completed all security recommendations recommended within the audits prior to the launch of the V2 contract.

While nothing is ever perfect, we made it our goal to do everything we can to ensure that users get the safest possible experience in our ecosystem. We hope this is reflected in our audit, and we hope it shines light on just how much we truly care about our work.

All security updates were corroborated and noted by the Bramah Systems Security team. You can view the full audit here or by clicking the link below.

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