Aurox Documentation

Protocol Token Utility

Users on the Aurox platform receive discounts when utilizing The Aurox Token to pay for certain fees. A user can opt to pay for trading fees by holding the Aurox Token on a web3 wallet and enabling option to pay for fees in Aurox Token.
Fees paid in the Aurox Token differ from standard fee rates. These benefits are extended to holders. Fee structure would depend on how many tokens user is holding or staking.
  • Up to 100% discount on trading fees.
    • Different fees and discounts will be charged for same chain versus cross-chain trading.
  • Gas rebates
  • Up to 50% discount on margin fees
  • An interest rate boost on Aurox Lend
For margin fees, up to 50% of the fee can be paid in the Aurox Token, with the balance being owed in the currency being borrowed. For trading fees, the entirety of the fee can be paid in the Aurox Token. Both forms of discount follow the table below, with a decreasing discount schedule until the discount terminates after Year 4.

Margin Fee Discount Rate

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

Liquidity Rewards

Aurox Trade allows platform users to enable liquidity rewards for assets deposited and held in the Aurox Lend protocol. Users can choose to provide liquidity of their unused assets for fees generated from borrowers, traders and Aurox Token boosts. Liquidity provided assets may be allocated to the margin reserve for use in margin. Users can disable staking if they aren't interested.
Assets that are provided as liquidity can be utilized at any time. The platform calculates rewards based on actual usage.