Aurox Ecosystem

The general overview of how the Aurox Ecosystem works to simplify investing, trading

Our goal at Aurox is to make crypto easy. Whether it's through aggregating data, providing proprietary indicators or simplifying decentralized finance. That is the core concept of Aurox is to tackle and solve some of the hardest issues in crypto.

Over the past few years, we've created a stable, scalable, and unique infrastructure which now allows us to create an ecosystem of products to accelerate the adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi). By leveraging our current system, Aurox will offload all the complexities of DeFi to our backend and smart contracts. The ecosystem of products will make it a smooth and easy experience for the end user.

The Aurox Team has been tackling and solving issues such as gas-less trading, cross-chain swapping, data fragmentation, and much more. We do the dirty work for you so you don't have to.

The Frontend

Aurox Frontend is composed of 2 separate products; The Aurox Terminal and The Aurox Wallet.

The Aurox Terminal

The Aurox Terminal is our flagship product designed to help users make successful investment decisions. It allows them to monitor the entire cryptocurrency market, chart, trade and use our proprietary indicators in one single view.

The goal of the Aurox Terminal was to create the frontend for our DeFi trading while attracting users from every single area of crypto. Not only does it support data from every major exchange and over 30k+ pairs but the Aurox Terminal includes proprietary indicators and data analysis tools to make it easy for users to execute successful trades.

The Aurox Terminal laid the foundation with a scalable and solid backend infrastructure paired with incredible functionalities. This foundation will be utilized to introduce our DeFi protocols to tens of thousands of individuals who are currently using the terminal.

Want to learn more about why the Aurox Terminal has seen a massive organic growth? Click below to learn more:

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The Aurox Wallet

Aurox Wallet is a web3 extension browser wallet and mobile application. The browser extension was released in Q4 of 2022, with the mobile application currently pending review. The Aurox Wallet will redefine how DeFi users interact with the blockchain and the Aurox Terminal.

Wallets are the gateway to the blockchain and enable users to take advantage of the biggest utility of crypto; decentralized finance. However, the current wallet solutions are poorly designed, clunky, lack data and tracking, prone to scams and hacks, and make it extremely difficult to on-board new users to DeFi. Without a solution to these problems, DeFi can't grow.

Aurox is here to change that.

The Aurox Wallet is a multi-chain wallet which simplifies some of the most complex elements of decentralized finance. Not only will the Aurox Wallet make DeFi simple but it will make it secure. On a daily basis, hackers are stealing millions of dollars from unsuspecting users. Even experienced DeFi users have lost millions of dollars in tokens and NFTs, yet no one is doing anything about it.

We are.

The Aurox Wallet will feature revolutionary and industry leading security functionalities.

Every single dollar lost to a hacker is a dollar that taints this industry, and we will do everything in our power to prevent it. With the Aurox Wallet, users will feel safe to interact with decentralized applications through our list of whitelisted smart contracts, simulating transactions, anti-phishing methods and other incredible safety features.

Aurox will redefine what a wallet can do by leveraging our extensive backend and infrastructure. Click below to learn more:

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The Backend

In order to make the frontend simple to use, a significant effort had to be put into our backend. It is what connects our users to both centralized services and the blockchain. Aurox backend gathers massive amount of data and delivers it at blazing fast speeds to the end user.

Thousands of people worldwide have battle tested the backend through the usage of the Terminal, and soon the Aurox Wallet. These same architecture will be expended to support unique functionalities like the multichain data feed, recoverable security keys and much more.

The Protocol

At the heart of the Aurox Ecosystem is The Aurox Protocol. Our protocol is a complex set of contracts designed to help simplify the user experience for the end user. It will aggregate all tokens across every single chain and allow a user to invest in any token using any other token on the market. Aurox will be a system where every single asset can be invested in and traded with a single click of a button.

The Routing Contract

The Aurox Routing Contract is created to help simplify trading across multiple blockchains and tokens. Unlike other DEX aggregators, the Aurox Routing Contract implements specific useful features like gas-less trading.

The current gas-less trading protocols are flawed because they rely on meta transactions. Meta transactions were implemented as part of the EIP-2771 standard but this update has to be applied to each individual smart contract to support gas-less transactions. This standard has not been implemented in 1000s of tokens and therefore, the user still has to pay gas fees for Approvals. Companies are disingenuously making claims that their platform is gas-less even though you still have to pay gas to even interact with the contract in the first place.

Aurox's routing contract will completely eliminate the need to use ETH to pay for gas fees. Whether it's an approval or a swap transaction, the user will not have to pay gas using ETH. By eliminating this friction, our platform will massively simplify the on-boarding and usability of the platform.

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