Wallet Token Utility

The Aurox Wallet is powered by the Aurox Token, a ERC-20/BEP-20 token on the Ethereum/BSC blockchains that unlocks utilities within the wallet.

Initially, the Aurox Wallet will not charge any fees for in-wallet swaps. However, after a few months of bootstrapping, Aurox will introduce fees and the Aurox Tokens will act as a fee waiver.

At a later stage, staking a certain number of Aurox Tokens will also unlock various premium features.

Discounts for swaps

By staking the Aurox Tokens in the Aurox Wallet, users will receive up to 100% discount on in-wallet swaps.

Advances analytics

Staking a certain number of tokens will unlock access to advanced analytics for on-chain data in the full view version of the wallet, helping to uncover new trends and find alpha.

Gas rebates and paying for gas

Staking tokens above a certain threshold will also give rebates for gas spent on transactions.

Essentially, the more Aurox Tokens you stake, the more you will be compensated for the gas you spend for the transactions

Reward multiplier for token holders

Finally, holders of the Aurox Tokens will also benefit from a multiplier of rewards for using the Aurox Wallet.

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