Aurox Wallet

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, a crypto wallet emerged from a simple app into the main gateway to accessing a new computing platform: the blockchain.

Today, a wallet unlocks access to Web3 applications such as DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and more. In addition to Ethereum, dozens of EVM-compatible networks now co-exist to offer greater scalability, faster transactions, and lower fees.

However, legacy wallets were built for a different, much simpler era.

As a result, today’s dominant wallets exhibit several critical problems:

  • Poor security — while the core private/public key cryptography is solid, the main vulnerability lies in failing to equip the user with adequate information about smart contracts, transactions, and risky actions.

  • Complicated and confusing user experience — Adding new blockchains and scaling solutions is difficult. Most tokens don’t show up. NFTs and DeFi protocol tokens are not tracked. Managing several addresses is hard and there is often no way to see the full picture.

  • No loyalty — users do not have any incentives to stay with a particular wallet and this in turn makes it difficult to build sustainable business models.

The Aurox Wallet Redefines The Web3 Experience

The Aurox Wallet reimagines the wallet experience and tackles these problems by offering a superior experience, security, and user incentives.

  • Security first — Smart contract profiling with whitelisting, transaction simulation, and phishing prevention help protect users from the most common attack vectors.

  • Simplicity and ease of use— Multichain by default, with built-in tracking, gas-less swaps, advanced analytics, and other features that make life easier for advanced traders.

  • Rewards — Based on XP-like points and levels, rewards encourage the user to learn about all features and make repeated transactions with the wallet.

At the core of the Aurox Wallet is the Aurox Token (URUS), an ERC-20 token that offers discounts, unlocks premium features, and provides reward multipliers.

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