Transaction simulation

The Aurox Wallet does not only show the transaction data but also simulates its outcome based on the input.

This prevents signing transactions with smart contracts from the Yellow list (open Solidity code) that are not doing what the marketing message says. For example, if a user attempts to sign a message to get the airdrop, the simulation will inform the user that this transaction will not return anything.

Normal Transaction Example

In the below scenario, the transaction simulation displays to the user the input and the output of tokens before submitting the transaction to the blockchain. Most dApp transactions return a token when executing transactions. Whereas scam contracts will simply drain your wallet.

Dangerous Transaction Example

In the example below, the Aurox Wallet notifies the user when a transaction tries to take tokens out of the wallet but not return anything. In most cases, such transactions are only done by malicious smart contracts.

Similarly, if a user signs a transaction that approves the contract to withdraw all tokens or NFTs, a warning message will be displayed. Even if the contract is not malicious, this is simply a bad security practice and such dApps should be avoided.

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