Tony's 15 Minute A.I. Strategy

This is a 15 Minute Aurox Trading Strategy one of our users has been working on and using successfully.

Disclaimer: This is a guide written by our community member. Keep in mind, nothing is 100% successful - please trade responsibly. This guide is written by him directly, and we're simply publishing it on his behalf.

This strategy is a development on the existing Bounce Strategy already available from Aurox

This is used on the 15 minute timeframe with High Market-cap Alts, for 2 reasons:

  1. Trading on 15 minutes, we are hoping to be in the trade for no more than 2 hours which allows it to be managed throughout

  2. By using Alts in this strategy we are looking for higher % swings

The strategy requires 5 Indicators:

  1. The AI Beta Aurox Indicator

  2. The BGMC Confidence Indicator

  3. The AX Lines Indicator

  4. The TD Sequential Indicator

  5. The Stochastic RSI Indicator

For taking an entry with this strategy we’re looking for a few things to happen at the same time:

The current AI Beta Indicator to still be in its red state, but looking like it may be coming close to ending that current cycle.

The BGMC Indicator looking like it will be making a cross thru the green line on the next candle

The current trading value being on, or very close to either of the AX Support or Resistance Lines

The Stochastic RSI to be rising into the 20 range

Should the above set be found, we’d also check on the 1hr & 4hr Stoch that it is not heavily overbought.

If the above criteria are met, we will enter a trade with the above set up at the candle we think the BGMC will cross the green and trigger the AI Indicator.

Please note: This goes against the usual recommendations of waiting for the next candle to confirm and we wouldn’t recommend going early if you do not understand the process, for those that do, We’re trying to pre-empt the fire, to get the best possible entry point, and maximize the potential gains during the trade:

This is an entry set up we took Recently on Arweave :

The first green vertical line represents the candle we already knew we wanted to take the trade on, as we could already see the BGMC was likely to cross in, the price value for that candle was likely to fire on the green AX Line, and the Stoch RSI was coming into the 20 range.

So in this instance we set an entry at $47.64 which picked up perfectly as the AI fired.

The 2nd part of the strategy is to utilize the TD Seq and try to minimize the risk and exit along the trade. The 2nd vertical line represents the time we expect to be closing the trade, utilizing 9 candles on the TD Seq. We also switch on the Countdown timer so we are aware when the next candle will open.

We are not looking for any specific gains with this strategy, We want to implement the TD Seq numbers to exit at key points.

The highest green line represented our anticipated price target by the time the Stoch RSI may have reached the peak of its cycles.

The 3 white crosses were just a guide to possible price areas, but were placed specifically on the TD Seq 5, the TD Seq 7 & the TD Seq 9 Candles in advance, those will be our 3 exit areas when each of those candles closes.

The TD seq 5 was very close to our anticipated level, as the 6th candle opened we sold 50% of our entry at $48.35. A modest but acceptable exit on our entry, we now still have 50% on the table and our risk has been reduced.

The TD Seq 6 & 7 that followed exploded, way beyond our anticipated level for the entire trade

As the 7th candle closed and the 8th candle opened, we then proceeded to sell another 25% of our initial entry, further reducing our risk.

This 25% was sold at $49.95, an increase of 4.3% on the initial entry. So with that, all that was left to do was wait to see if the TD Seq would continue to 9 and the close out…. which it did:

Our final sell out of the remaining 25% was when the TD Seq 9 candle closed at $51.31, an amazing 7.7% above the previous entry just 1 hr 45 mins earlier, exited and position managed.

Right after we’d closed our trade, sure enough the price action reversed.

This happened to turn into an almost perfect trade, however, one critical piece of information, the position was managed from start to end, in a stress free manner as we were expecting it to take a couple of hours. If at any stage the BGMC Indicator looked like it would have reversed and crossed back down thru the red line, we would have cancelled the entire trade, had that scenario appeared.

The total combined gain on this trade was 3.4% in an easy couple of hours’ work.

Stay safe and Responsible happy trading - #AuroxNation – Tony Faria

Nothing in these sections are financial advice. Trading is inherently risky, and even more so with speculative assets like cryptocurrency. These guides are for educational purposes only.

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