Aurox Sponsor Fund Pool

Aurox Gasless Swaps are fully gassed transactions like any other swap transaction on Ethereum, except the gas fee, is paid by a 'Sponsor,' in this case Aurox itself. Aurox maintains a special Sponsor Fund Pool that carries the requisite ETH balance necessary to process all transactions submitted through its protocol. When the transaction is submitted for processing, Aurox pulls the requisite ETH balance to pay the required gas fee while simultaneously deducting the gas fee equivalent from the Origin Currency, and then processes the transaction through a special RPC node operated by a flashbot, thereby bypassing the mempool. By utilizing flashbots, it has the added benefit of eliminating frontrunning since the transaction is not seen by on-chain bots.

The deducted gas fee from the origin currency is automatically swapped to ETH in a linked transaction that is processed through a DEX.

This is done in near real-time to prevent any market risks resulting from holding various origin currencies. The ETH is deposited back into the Sponsor Fund Pool thereby replenishing 1:1, the gas fee spent from the Sponsor Fund Pool earlier.


  • Allows topping up ETH to all wallets with the SPONSOR_TX role

  • This ETH is for paying the transaction to the Sponsor Contract

  • Holds all fee revenue earned through swapping

  • Increases security and allows the ProxySwap contract to be “stateless”

Use of Flashbots

Flashbots provide transaction atomicity, meaning all three transactions get mined at once, or none of them do. This is to prevent an incomplete transaction resulting from less than all three transactions getting processed. The use of flashbots also prevents an attack vector by other bots that may attempt to replace the Approval TX and Swap TX and siphon the sponsored ETH preventing the original swap transaction from executing.

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