Liquidity Mining Information

By providing liquidity to the Aurox Token DEX listing, other community members can help decentralize the liquidity pool and allow Aurox users to acquire Aurox Tokens with less fees so they can utilize them in the Aurox Ecosystem. Liquidity miners will be rewarded with Aurox Tokens by providing liquidity to the Aurox Token Uniswap listing. However, there's a little more to the liquidity mining and the bonuses which we'll explore below.

To start with, an Aurox Epoch is defined as a two week period in which a set amount of tokens will be distributed to liquidity providers. The rewards of the Epochs are as follows:

  • Epoch 1: 1,500 Aurox Tokens Distributed

  • Epoch 2: 1,400 Aurox Tokens Distributed

  • Etc..

Each and every Epoch, the distributed tokens will decrease by 100 at the beginning of the two week period. This will repeat until a 600 token per epoch threshold is reached, at which point 600 tokens will be distributed until a total of 50k tokens are distributed from liquidity mining reward pool. Thus hitting the public allocation for Aurox Token.

Liquidity providers will be able to withdraw rewards in the shape of Aurox Tokens at any time.

The reward for participating in Epochs is distributed evenly based on contribution size to the liquidity pool. For example, users that provide 30% of the liquidity will receive 30% of the reward tokens for that epoch period.

Yield Bonus rewards

Looking further down the line, maintaining stability of the liquidity is important.

Every epoch the user successfully completes, they will be rewarded with a bonus of an additional 10% of the tokens they received during their epoch phase. The next phase, they will receive 20%, then 30%, etc. The bonus will increase by 10% every epoch until the smart contract is closed or until a maximum of 100% is reached.

Here's an example of how the Yield Bonus rewards work in practice:

  1. A user received 20 Urus tokens in the first epoch.

  2. Since they completed the first epoch, they will receive 10% additional tokens or 20 urus tokens.

  3. The user completes the second epoch and receives an additional 20 tokens for that epoch.

  4. They will then receive a 20% bonus or 4 urus tokens on top of the original rewards.

  5. Each epoch, the bonus will increase by 10%.

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