By default, the screener scans and ranks assets according to their market capitalization. However, the scanner can be customized to rank assets according to other criteria, such as liquidity or trading volume.

In addition to the normal data, you can enable the indicator columns to display indicator based sentiment on all major intervals, such as whether MACD is showing bullish or bearish flags on the 1 day chart.

The most powerful functionality of the screener is the ability to filter tokens using the Scanner Settings. This functionality allows you to select a set of indicators and their sentiments on specific intervals which then filters out tokens that only match those settings.

With a few clicks of a button, you can find and monitor tokens that match specifically your trading strategy. It is an essential tool for any active trader who wants to find new opportunities.

Scanner Alerts

Alerts can be configured to provide a notification when a new currency triggers a pre-defined criteria set on the scanner tool. The alerts can be configured to send a message via Telegram or Discord, or through email.

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