Wallet Roadmap

The timeline below is a very rough estimate. This information should be used as a general guideline. Our aim is to deliver everything on this page as quickly as possible.

During development certain things could derail or change the timeline significantly. These items could be things such as regulation, partnerships that require us to assign dev resources to other tasks, user demand for certain functions shifting, and other items.

The Aurox Wallet described in this document is only the first iteration.

Over the next few quarters, Aurox will gain new features and integrations. Still, the roadmap below is only an approximation and the timing and scope of features might change.

Q2-3 2022

  • Begin development of the Aurox Wallet for iOS and Android

  • Begin development of the Aurox Wallet browser extension

  • Release Alpha and Beta

  • Finalize Alpha/Beta and begin preparation for MVP.

Q4-Q1 2023

  • Release Aurox Wallet browser extension/iOS

  • Aurox Token utilities are introduced

  • Private key recovery using a username/password combination.

    • Users will gain an option of login in with a traditional method, using a two-factor authorization with the phone acting as a hardware key.

  • Cross-chain trading/swapping in one click across all major EVMs.

  • NFT trading on Ethereum within the wallet.

  • Full-data integration for Optimism, Arbitrum, Fantom, Fio, Bitcoin

  • Protocol integrations

    • Tracking for liquidity pools and other DeFi protocol tokens, including staked value, loan value, and other key statistics.

  • Full View Mode.

    • The browser extension wallet will have a built in, locally hosted and decentralized trading terminal with TradingView charts, additional DeFi data, wallet watching, detailed statistics about NFTs/tokens, and more.

Q2-3 2023

  • Extended Aurox Token utilities are introduced, beyond the scope described in this document.

  • In-wallet staking for major tokens.

  • Additional protocol integrations.

  • Gas-less swapping on Polygon.

  • Extended rewards program with additional contests and types of rewards

  • Aurox Feed

    • Composed of easy to read transaction feed from well-known addresses, offering a view of their trades, mints, and DeFi actions.

  • Additional security features.

  • Full-data integration for Cronos, Osmosis, xDai.

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