General Functions

An all-in-one trading terminal with data, indicators, and tools.

The Aurox Terminal is a free professional trading platform that allows you to track, trade, and monitor 117,000+ token pairs across centralized and decentralized exchanges - all in one easy to use interface. The Terminal provides real-time crypto market data, breaking news, proprietary price movement indicators, API connectivity, and a host of additional features to ensure an efficient and secure trading experience. Pro features on the platform can be unlocked with the URUS utility token, which powers trading, lending, and borrowing functionality integrated into the Aurox Terminal.

In regards to usability, the Aurox Terminal is a powerful tool for all experience levels. The platform’s “lite” mode gives users access to all the Terminal’s features and in an easy to use format, whereas “GRID” mode affords more advanced traders the flexibility to customize the interface to their liking. An important part of Aurox’s mission is to provide traders with a unified all-in-one trading experience that’s highly secure, and with no need to switch venues for different trading needs. So in this guide, we will cover all the major functions of the Terminal, and how to get started using the platform to help you make more profitable trades. The Aurox

Terminal Interface

Here is the default “lite” view for the Aurox Terminal, when you first open

Tip: To see a larger version of the image, right-click it and open in a new tab.

The Aurox Terminal is an all-in-one trading suite with a number of features. Below, we’ll quickly describe each of them.

1) Mode Selector

  • Lite Mode: Lite mode is the default view of the Aurox Terminal and is recommended for newer users.

  • Grid Mode: Select GRID mode to fully customize the layout, eliminate any distractions, and focus on what’s most important to you.

2) Tab/Market Selector (Lite Mode)

  • Pair Selector Tab: Select any of your open pair tabs to view associated market information.

  • New Tab: Use “+ New Tab” to add a new trading pair to your terminal view, and select from any of the supported pairs across the centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  • Track Prices: Adding multiple tabs and keeping them open also allows you to track asset prices at a glance simultaneously.

3) Chart, from left to right

  • Power Search: Select the exchange you wish to trade on (whether centralized or decentralized exchange, along with the trading pair). Click on “All Exchanges” to filter which ones you want to come up.

If you choose a decentralized exchange, you’ll have the option to connect your Wallet.

Asset info: View asset price, price changes, volume and circulating supply.

TradingView Integrated Chart: Use all the features of the integrated TradingView chart including the technical analysis tools, layout saving, sharing and more. You also have access to our exclusive Aurox Proprietary Indicators, such as the Fixed Range Volume Profile, pictured below.

4) Below The Chart

  • Trading Stance: Track open positions, pending orders, order history and more. You can also use this section to close out any open positions.

  • Scanner: A tool scans various trading pairs based on specific indicators and intervals, allowing traders to easily determine bearish or bullish movements.

  • Indicator Screener: A filtering function takes a specific time interval you select, then sees what triggers bearish or bullish market moves.

5) Centralized Exchange Account Selector

  • Account Selector Dropdown: Click here to select your API connected centralized exchange, or to add a new one.

  • Account Settings: Edit any your API connected accounts, disable or enable them, and completely remove them from your Aurox account.

  • Trading Lock (lock symbol): For security reasons, we give the ability for traders to lock trading functionality. Clicking the lock symbol allows you to lock trading, change your trading password, or reset the length of time before your trading functionality is automatically locked.

A Note On Linking API Keys and Security

Your API keys are encrypted and decrypted locally within your web browser, and Aurox never stores unencrypted keys nor do we have the ability to decrypt them. Additionally, the password you create is what encrypts/decrypts your keys, and if you ever lose access to your password, the keys cannot be recovered.

In cases where you do lose your password, your account is still protected, however you’ll have to reset the trading lock - in which case your existing API connected accounts are discarded. This is for your security, and you will then have a chance to recreate your API keys.

6) Meta Information

  • Select any of the links in this section to view basic background information on all cryptocurrencies, such as project website, Twitter profile, etc..

7) Platform Status and Logout

  • Status Bar: Hover over the green bars to view the connectivity of your network connection, order book, chart service and more. Also view how many exchanges and active trading pairs are supported by the system.

  • Logout: Use the door icon to logout of your Aurox account.

8) Market Overview and Order Book, top down

  • Market Overview: Get a glimpse of assets listed on the specific exchange you have selected and click on an asset to open it in the chart. Sort assets based on volume, price and more, as well select and filter out favorites.

  • Order Form: Use the order form to make spot or margin trades, as well as market or limit orders.

  • Balances: View the balance of your selected account.

  • Order Book / Recent Trades: View outstanding buy and sell orders for a specific asset, as well as the most recent trades on the order book.

9) Right panel, from top to bottom

  • Favorites: View your chosen favorite trading pairs and markets. Sort them and choose from various viewing options.

  • News Feed: Access hundreds of RSS aggregated news feeds

  • Analysis Feed: Access various analyses of supported tokens from other users

  • Signals: Access Whale Alerts and Aurox’s Proprietary Signals

  • Alerts: Access and create a number of alerts based on set conditions, studies, complex parameters and much more.

  • Telegram / Discord Links: Here, you can access links to Aurox’s thriving online community.

  • Aurox App Installer: Install the Aurox Terminal directly to your computer.

  • Light/Dark Mode Toggler: Easily switch the Aurox Terminal between dark and light modes.

  • Platform Updates: This is where you'll find information on past and upcoming releases of the Terminal.

  • Chat Support: Use the speech bubble icon to access chat support.

Proprietary Aurox Indicators

With Aurox Terminal, you have access to a number of proprietary indicators you won’t find anywhere else, such as the Aurox AI Indicator, which helps traders with risk management, on-chain indicators for an array of supported tokens, and so much more.

In this section, we’ll have a quick look at some of these indicators and how to access them.

Fixed Volume Profile

The fixed volume profile essentially displays how much trading volume occurred within a certain price range, and over a specific period of time. You’ll find this drawing tool in the chart section. All you need to do is A) choose the Fixed Volume Profile icon and then B) choose a starting and end point on the chart.

Aurox AI Indicator

Based on the original Aurox Indicator, and vastly improved with machine learning, the Proprietary Aurox AI Indicator is designed to make trading much easier.

The red and green arrows (displayed on the chart below) shows you the confidence the AI has in regards to the direction of the trend.

The indicator can be used for both entries AND exits, has built in risk-management to help even beginner traders exit any losing trades at break even prices, and its algorithm is dynamic - meaning that it functions according to the coin and internal of a coin in question. Note, that access to the AI Indicator will at some point require holding the Aurox utility token, and if you want more information on how the Aurox AI Indicator works, go here to learn more.

Various Aurox Proprietary Indicators

Aurox Terminal includes a number of proprietary indicators including:

  • Aurox Indicator: Helps you spot large movements in the market with up to a 90% accuracy. Learn more on how it works here.

  • Aurox Fear and Greed: Allows you to easily read market sentiment to make more profitable long and short trades.

  • Aurox Lines: Find support, resistance and trend-lines with a click of a button.

  • TD Sequential: Quickly spot trends before they reverse or come to an end. Great for spotting entry and exit points when coupled with the Aurox Indicator. For an example of how it’s used, please visit this article.

  • DI (Demand Index): Easily spot shifts in the market by determining demand and supply. The DI is also discussed in the following article.

On-Chain Indicators

The Terminal also comes with a vast array of On-Chain Indicators that apply to a vast array of tokens. All you need to do is choose the specific asset, and a list of its corresponding on-chain indicators will be displayed for you to choose from. You can further click the categories dropdown and filter for only those indicators you want to go through. Also as noted, access to these indicators will soon require holding the Aurox URUS utility token.

Cypher Indicators

Aurox users get free access to a number of indicators that Market Cypher is selling. Cyphers indicators are extremely well known in the crypto space, and are known for getting great results. Read more about them here.

Community Indicators

These indicators are community driven. When members of our community request we implement specific kinds of indicators, we consider them and implement the best ones. If you want to get involved with our community be sure to join our Discord groups.


Within the Aurox Terminal there are a number of alerts and accompanying features. To easily set up an alert you can either click anywhere on the chart and get started. For example, in the below screenshot you can see that an alert will be set for BTC when the price just reaches above $30,000 USD.

You can also access and create complex alerts in the right panel of the Terminal window by clicking the bell icon.

When the window opens up, simply click on the “New Alert” button.

From there, you’re presented with a pop-out section that allows you to either load up a predefined alert, or create a new one based on specific operations, criteria, and webhooks. You can also choose to have the alerts sent to a specific email address for times based on your own time zone. Essentially, the Aurox alert system supports any kind of trade analysis alert a trader could ever wish for.

Market Scanner & Indicator Screener

Unlike the majority of trading platforms, the Aurox Terminal comes with a built-in Scanner and Indicator Screener you can access in the bottom section, below the chart. Just click either of the tabs to expand the feature you want to access.

The Market Scanner tool scans over 100 different trading pairs based on specific indicators and intervals. This means you can more easily determine bearish or bullish movements in the market and take advantage of them. Further, you can categorize your search based on Indicator, Interval, or Coin, and get pertinent information on whether the market’s likely to move in a specific direction.

You can access certain scanner items when you hold our Aurox URUS utility token, as shown in the screenshot below.

The URUS utility token, can be acquired through decentralized and centralized exchanges, can also be used to access Alerts for Aurox Scanner.

Just click the Alerts button from within the Scanner section to access the scanner alerts.

The Indicator Screener is similar to the Market Scanner, but acts more like a filtering function. Essentially, it takes whichever interval you select, whether 30 minute, 1 hour, 1 day and so one (shown below), and then it sees what triggers market moves based on your settings.

Advanced Grid Mode

When you first open up the Aurox Terminal, the default mode is lite mode. However when GRID mode is selected, you can customize your Terminal layout in an infinite number of ways. Grid mode is aimed at advanced users that want to optimize their trading experience.

Create workspaces, open as many charts as you’d like at one time, and use any of the customization features available to you. One thing to note is that Grid mode layouts you create, will not be carried over to lite mode.

When you open up Grid mode, you’ll also notice that some of the lower right panel icons change. These include interactive user guides and video guides to help you navigate and take full advantage of the Grid modes capabilities.

Technical Support at Your Fingertips

The Aurox Terminal is a complete one-stop-shop for your crypto trading needs, but there might be times when you have a question you can’t find the answer for. Using the chat feature, you can ask our team any questions that come up 24/7, and you’ll get help from a real person. To get help simply click on the chat speech bubble in the lower right corner of the terminal window.

Click on the speech bubble to access technical support and also to search our information database.

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