Launch Distribution

URUS Token was upgraded from v1 to v2 to add additional DeFi capabilities. This took place on 2/15/2022.

Initial Distribution

The full token distribution took place as follows:

  • 45% Uniswap Listing

  • 37% Protocol Rewards

  • 13% Company reserves

    • Locked for a year, vested for 2 year.

  • 5% Exchange reserve

    • Unlocked

The Aurox Token was done through a fair launch system and the Aurox Team did not receive any monetary contributions.

The Team did not sell tokens, did not accept money from VCs or other private parties, and no pre-launch tokens were given out.

The Aurox Team listed 450,000 Aurox Tokens on Uniswap with $120,000 of their own funds in Ethereum on Uniswap to create the market. Users of the Aurox products were able to purchase the Aurox Token from Uniswap and utilize it on the Aurox Terminal to gain access to the unique functionalities for token holders.

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