Aurox Documentation

The Aurox Protocol

A decentralized protocol that will power the ecosystem of products to make DeFi simple.
The Aurox Protocol encompasses multiple contracts and systems working together to make it easy for investors and traders to utilize decentralized finance.
There are two main components that compose the Aurox Protocol:
  • Aurox Trade
  • Aurox Lend
Each of these components have multiple functionalities that work together to create a simple user experience for the users of the Aurox Wallet and the Aurox Terminal. The goal of this protocol is to blur the lines between a centralized and decentralized services for the end user. Even though the protocol is decentralized, it aims to eliminate the complexities of DeFi by mimicking the user experience of centralized products.
The protocol will be rolled out in several phases. The first phase of the Protocol is the Gasless Swapping and routing contracts which will be integrated into the Aurox Wallet before the end of 2022.