Terminal Token Utility

Aurox Token ($URUS) is an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token that unlocks premium features within the Aurox Terminal.

The team is constantly adding new ways to use the token to bring tangible benefits to traders of all skills.

Current Utility

Aurox Token holders can access a wide range of features in the Aurox Terminal:

  • Access to scanner functionalities: Advanced scanner features help to actively identify promising trading set-ups among thousands of trading pairs and different time horizons.

  • Access to screener indicators: Instead of actively looking for opportunities traders can also receive indicators that identify pairs that other traders might be interested in.

  • Price indicator alerts and trading signals: Traders can get exclusive indicators for selected trading pairs, helping to get the full picture of the market.

These features are accessed by holding, staking or liquidity mining a certain number of Aurox Tokens which will be clarified in subsequent post.

With its current utility, the Aurox Token is already playing an important role in empowering traders to make better decisions and achieve their goals.

Future Utility

  • Access To:

    • New Indicators, such as the Aurox A.I. Indicator - In near future, the Aurox AI indicator will only be available for token holders.

    • Auto trading bots

    • Private guides and strategies

  • Aurox Protocol Utilities - As the Aurox Protocol is integrated into the Aurox Terminal, all the utilities of the Aurox Protocol will be available in the Terminal. You can read about those utilities by clicking here.

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